1DX user manual


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WarrenL wrote:

Thanks Warren!!

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Here's a link to the EOS-1D X AF Settings Guidebook (Updated June 2012), straight from the Canon website:


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tonywong88 wrote:
Hrm. No f/8 AF.

"With lenses whose maximum aperture is smaller than f/5.6, AF is not possible during viewfinder shooting.


I know I have been up all night so I get this right . AF does not work IE no focus at F8 -F16 WTF is that a joke

This is not news - it was discussed at length when the 1D X was announced (and Chuck Westfall provided a justification shortly thereafter).

Hardly a joke. I don't know of any 35mm DSLR which autofocuses on lens combinations with maximum aperture beyond f/8 (such as an 800mm f/5.6 + 2x TC). Only a few models AF lenses with maximum aperture between f/5.6 and f/8 (1 series other than 1D X, for example).

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Thanks Aleph one news to me I was happy in my little world waiting for the MK3 . It didn't really turn out what I wanted it to be so I started looking @ the 1DX. IT'S not looking like all that it should be and making me think about going to Nikon . Yes they have their own demons but this is a bit stupid now

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So anything that 1DX is good at?

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Spanic wrote:
So anything that 1DX is good at?

I recommend that you try one if you can. I've been shooting with a pair of MkIV's for the past two years and picked up a 1D-X in the spring. I have since shot many 10's of thousands of frames shooting swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer and field hockey.

The 1D-X AF is so fast as to be almost unbelievable. Prior to using it I did not believe it could be THAT much better than the MkIV. I normally shoot with the 400/2.8 on one body and the 70-200/2.8 on a second body. Now when I grab the second body (MkIV) it feels incredibly slow and Rebel-like. How was it that it worked so good prior to the 1D-X?

I think the biggest surprise is the viewfinder. I was prepared to hate the black AF squares. I have shot several night games and the black squares are pretty much a non-issue. Speaking of night games, I normally need to use ISO6400 on our fields and now with the 1D-X I don't even bother with noise removal (Used Neat Image with the MkIV).

The only remaining issue for me now is how quickly I can sell my remaining MkIV's and get a second 1D-X.

Oh... there is one slight negative. The battery doesn't seem to last quite a long in the X, even with the new LP-E4N battery. It still lasts for many thousands of shots, just not as long as the MkIV.