Best of May-2012

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Sean Hoffman
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I haven't finished my second May wedding which "may" yield a better shot but this is my favorite from the previous wedding.

PS: WOW Tony Hoffer, nice shot.

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woop woop

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Johanna and Daniel by TexasValerie, on Flickr

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one of my

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Tampa, FL

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Here is one I like. It is so funny how my photographer friends first ask me if this was an action in Photoshop or something, rather than asking if it was a star filter. How the times have changed!

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Here's one of mine. I'm scared to admit it but this one was actually edited on an iPad while on the road...

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Maybe not my "best of", but definitely one that drew a lot of attention.

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some a-m-a-z-i-n-g images here. I'm late to the party but here's one of my favs. This is what I want my brand to be. It makes me happy.

This wedding will be incredible on July 1st. This necklace in her hand(hard to see I know) was given to their daughter before she passed away and they carry it wherever they go. I love the happiness of their love and recognition of their loss. I don't even have words to explain how much I am looking forward to shooting for them.

Chris Beaumont
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Fav posed :

Fav candid :

Bonus because it still makes me laugh a month later :

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JR Magat
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I guess someone has to do it... (post after Chuck)

Loved this shot because it wasn't pre-planned & turned out how I envisoned it. Love it so much I used it for my header on the blog!

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I am a bit behind with May editing...

I quite liked this one because it makes us laugh still. The groom didn't really do a speech, or not a formal planned one as such, so he just stood up and said some casual (but non the less personal and touching) words. After a short intro, he started with "She was married when I met her..."... perhaps one should plan speeches! Anyway, it was funny, and the look of shock makes them giggle when looking at through...

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Okay, now May is complete (wow, I was slow). I think this is my favourite:

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