Featured Thread: It was my lucky morning by KWeck

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This week's featured thread from KWeck, "It was my lucky morning":
"I lay in bed at night and dream of the day. When I get lucky to shoot an Osprey fish.. Well this morning was my day. I was with a fellow fotog Ron Zigler and we were chatting at the Peace Valley bridge. There have been Osprey there often but just fly by or fish far away, but nothing to photograph.

I spotted an Osprey circling around and I knew it was hunting then it turned right in front of us and started to hover. Talons out and into the dive it went... Straight down at blazing speed, bang into the water swam around and out and right for us.. Water spray everywhere and i'm shooting away.. I'm thinking focus you.. just focus. The light was crappy and hazy so I spun the wheel to underexpose and hammered the shutter...". Link