#502 Reflecting Sphere

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Inspired by Escher's "Hand with Reflecting Sphere"

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Travis Rhoads
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very spooky feel to this one, the double reflection with one being upside down really adds to that.

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Great concept and well shot!

mark fadely
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That's sweet Eager. You've used the dramatic lighting to even futher communicate the high tech theme. Blue light is very tech. Great creativity on this too.

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Beautiful work, here, Eager. The mask and all the darkness really give me an otherworldly (and resulting "high-tech") feeling...great balance of the blue, red, and purple...
Excellent Photograph...


James Markus
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An apt update to the original and graphically dramatic - Good entry!

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Loved it!

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WOW! I'd say you paid a wonderful homage to your inspiration!