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Found this collection of kids bikes that looked like they had a blast playing with them.

Thanks for looking

Travis Rhoads
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Carolyn, I like the concept, it seems a bit flat and lacking contrast, making the bikes blend in with the surroundings, maybe that was intentional.

mark fadely
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Great find Carolyn. It fits the bill of this week's theme. Travis has a point about the blending, but I like that effect in keeping with the discarded part of the theme. Dust to dust kind of feel.

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I really like the subjects. Like others have said, there's probably not enough contrast to go B&W but I can see the potential of the left half of the image looking "busy" in color. I'd probably just show the second half (the hood and the two tricycles) in portrait orientation and show more details. Closing in and using an ultra-wide lens to add more perspective could also make it look less compressed/flat.

Anyways, a noob's two cents... didn't really want to critique before even submitting a pic myself but saw too much potential in this pic to pass by without commenting. Good find!