5D III Camera Plate

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In my case I got tired of getting strung along by RRS: "you are on the list, just another few weeks". Meanwhile I'd already been waiting 6 weeks. So decided to get a Kirk L plate and glad that I did. I have a Kirk for my 7D, so no stranger to their quality design and product. The Kirk L bracket for the 5D III fits like a glove, is innovative in its design and feels very secure.

Mark Booth
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I always have a neck strap on my camera. Conversely, I only use an L bracket when I know I'm going to be needing it (meaning, when I'm also carrying my tripod). That's maybe 5-10% of the time. So, I would have gone with a Kirk L bracket but I wrote them and they confirmed that their L bracket doesn't allow enough clearance for a neck strap to remain attached to the camera's left lug. In order to use the Kirk L bracket, I'd need to remove the neck strap from the camera lug and move it to the Kirk-supplied lug each and every time I attached the Kirk L bracket. And vice-versa when I removed the Kirk L bracket. Too much fiddling around, particularly since my neck strap of choice is the Optech Pro strap with Pro Loops. The Pro Loops are significantly more hassle to remove and reattach.

Once an email to Really Right Stuff confirmed that their Rev A is their final design as far as the 5D Mark III is concerned, I ultimately decided to give my business to PromediaGear. My new L bracket shipped this morning and I anxiously await its arrival.

Should the day ever come that the folks at RRS come to their senses and release a 5D Mark III design with radiused camera-hugging curves that is of the same quality and beauty as their previous efforts, I will consider supporting that decision by once again giving them my business. But, based on the response I received to my email enquiry, I'm left dumbfounded how the "Ferrari" of camera gear seems completely satisfied putting out a Ford Pinto.


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I also own Kirk L-bracket for 5D III and Op/Tech Pro strap with Pro Loops. It takes me whole 15 seconds to take off loop from left lug and another 15 to put it back. Now, if you do that 15 times a day I can see how it can be considered "too much fiddling", but if you do it once or twice ...

What I don't like is that you need two Allen wrenches to mount or dismount Kirk bracket. One for bottom screw, and, another, smaller one, for side screw. Older brackets (like for 20D) used same wrench.

BTW, I do agree that Kirk bracket fits 5D III like glove, and with two attachment points it's as secure and sturdy as they come.

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Good point about the need to detach the strap.
Indeed I'd prefer myself an always-on solution for the strap, since I use a Tamrac model with fast clips to quickly remove the strap for tripod use, without the need to detach the joins to the camera.

Mark, please let us know how Promediagear will work for you. Thanks!


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Does the Kirk work with the RRS lever QR system?

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Beni wrote:
Does the Kirk work with the RRS lever QR system?

The Non-L version fits a RRS QR clamp like a glove - no slippage. I don't own the L-bracket so I can't speak to that.

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