Winter Surf at Point Reyes

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Wild surf this afternoon at McClure's Beach, Point Reyes, CA. NEX-7 with ZM 50mm Planar at f/8. Shot directly into blinding mist and fog, so heavily worked over in LR3...

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Spectacular shot, it doesn't get any better than this, you have stopped the motion of the waves, mist perfectly .
How do you like the lens ?

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Thanks! I really like the ZM 50 Planar. It's very sharp and contrasty from f/2.8 across the frame on the NEX-7. I also have the g 35, which has a little softness in the corners up to f/5.6-8 (a NEX-7 issue, I believe), and the g 90, which is very sharp and contrasty.

I wish the NEX-7 got along with the wider ZMs, but it doesn't. The 5n does much better. Maybe there will be a NEX-7n down the road....

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A very dramatic shot, love the contrast.

Cheers Ray

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Really incredible shot! It is a very dramatic photo, and that is really what I look for in a good photo. Congrats.


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Love it. This one would make an excellent large print.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! I may print this on the 3880, but I suspect it will be tricky to print well. High surf called for this weekend, so I may head back out there!

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Most excellent sir.


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Outstanding image - the mistiness gives a great added dimension.

The frozen wave exploding on the rock centre frame is evocative of "The Great Wave", by Hokusai

Bruce Sawle
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Goureous image. I love the B&W conversion.

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Great image! I love those layers, the dramatic light and the huge water plash.
You even did catch a bird in the mountain mist.

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Dynamite! I dig it!


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Thanks again for the kind comments!

I printed this today at 8"x12" -- the tonality on exhibition fiber was really nice, but the print seems too small for the image. I think I'll try it at 16"x24" and see how that works. I have a place for it over my desk!

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man that is a great shot. Very very nice. Print it 16x24 for sure.


Ed Swift
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Perfect, really powerful.

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Nice. Love the layers of tones you've captured! An outstanding piece of work.