How to Tenderize that Fish (Warning)

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This whole set is over the top Herb. Congrats ~ Ron

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Great action set, Herb Fine job in the last one

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Herb, first of all, let me say

Now, I've gotta ask: How close where you even with that 800mm! How much of a crop was necessary? (And) Finally, how in blazes did you get that in-flight shot of a Kingfisher (no less)?!?


Desert Drake
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What a great series, Herb. Nothing like making sure that your dinner won't be squirming too much.

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Amazing set, Herb! Kudos.

- Michelle

David Deppen
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Incredible photos! Did it have any trouble gaining altitude with that heavy load?

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Absolutely stunning!! Love that stuff

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Graphic set but beautiful work Herb!!


David Leask
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Sheesh! What a fabulous set Herb. The detail is simply awesome.

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Oh wow!! This is so cool! You got the whole sequence of this beki's meal. The fact that the light is awesome and the shots are sharp and crisp is the icing on the cake. Gorgeous shots, and I love the first 2 where you caught the blood droplets frozen in the air. Great job on these!

Gary Thompson
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Great tenderizing demonstration Herb. The blood make the shots for me. And the IF puts the icing on the cake. Great shooting.


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Really nice series Herb. Great BG, sharp, etc. Don't you love the 1DM4!

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Superb series Herb. Man, I have trouble taking an aspirin sometimes and can't imagine just sliding a whole fish down my throat.


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great series Herb

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+1 Excellent series ... a short story in pictures ... !!

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Outstanding images Herb!


Herb Houghton
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Martin Good wrote:
That's a fantastic action set Herb.
That fish looked fairly tender by the time the KF was finished with it
Detail, action, bg and light are just superb.
And on the technical front now we know its 1/2000 to catch the droplets in flight!

Thanks for the comments Martin

Herb Houghton
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eyelaser wrote:
Awesome...bloody good show Herb!
So, I came back for a 2nd and 3rd look at these. They are really astonishing images. The perched shots are ridiculously spectacular and the in flight shot is an award winner in its own right. Thanks for sharing these!

Thanks for the kind comments Eric, I sure do appreciate it.

Herb Houghton
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Major_K wrote:
WoW! Awesome! Super set Herb. I have to echo Martin ... the detail, the action, the background, the lighting are magnificient.


Thank you Khai

Herb Houghton
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jfwoodman wrote:

Holy S#@t, Herb, what a set! These are amazing, just amazing!

Incredible behavior images, great light, wonderful detail and action. That dude needs to dive in and wash off after that meal

Fantastic work, Herb!


Thank you Jim

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