Contax 50mm 1.7


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My Contax 50/1.7 had the small fin on it and hit the mirror on my 5D2. I use the AF confirm adapters from HappyPageHK on most C/Y lenses. The mirror collision issue was easily fixed by shaving down the fin with a Dremel tool.
Excellent lens with great performance stopped down and very good sharpness stopped down with some loss of contrast and a bit of color change (which I can only describe as a pastel color palette).

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Here you can see where the mirror hung on my 5DII - rubmarks are at the top, away from the fin. Taking off a bit of material solved the problem for me.

Please don't mind the grime on the glass, it's all clean now

C/Y Zeiss 50/1.7 by Johann D, on Flickr

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after having quite a lot 50ies,
for me this one is the best.
i realy like the 3D pop which make the picure very alive.

5D zeiss 50mm 1,7

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Oh AhamB, I think we know the same person with the Planar HFT 50mm/1.4 and a 195 Euro damage on the EOS 5D.

I lost my EOS 5D mirror during tests with the converted FD 24/1.4L - the mirror crashes (I had that ~50-200 times before with different lenses), and the mirror was no longer attached.
This was the start of my 100% silver mirror project.100% silver mirror project.