Zeiss 100F2 vs Canon 85F1.2

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Grenache wrote:
JimBuchanan wrote:

And to lastly mention the short time I used a C/Y 100/2, I was amazed at the portraits produced by this lens. That little extra reach over the 85 was nice, too. I have the C/Y 100/2 on my watch list

And you did a great conversion on it too! I wish I had known you were looking. I saw one locally for $650 and should have picked it up on principle.

My CY 100/2 is my current favorite lens.


Really? I had to pay 1200$ for one

Sven Jeppesen
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Is the C/Y 100/2 worth $ 1200 ? I mean if you like to use it on a Nikon/Canon body with adapter or converting it? A new ZF/ZE 100/2 cost $ 1800. And I have seen used ones for just over $ 1400
The new lenses also have electronics that works. and 3 years warranty

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You'll be surprised about the price variations between countries. In another thread someone mentioned having paid the equivalent of $4500 for a Nikon D700... That camera costs ~$2700 in the Netherlands now.

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