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Re: Zeiss Lens Photos and Discussion (see also ZE/ZF/ZM thread)

wfrank -- I\'m getting Carsten\'s pictures just fine.

Flypenfly -- Yes, I\'d like to know too! I see they have a 24-70 and others. I\'m curious if they are the same quality we are used to in the ZE/ZF types. If so, it could influence me someday to get a Sony body and lens.

Carsten -- Thanks again for the heads-up on this lens -- I received my Zeiss/Contax 80-200/4 from KEH today. Lovely looking lens, with not a mark on the glass or body. Even the mount looks unused. It came without caps (I bought a \"Bargain-grade\" front Contax cap from KEH), and I can see when fogging the front element with breath, that the surface has been wiped gently at some point. But no cleaning marks or scratches. The focus is stiff, but seems to be loosening up a bit -- I\'d rather have it a bit stiff in a push/pull zoom. Zoom is stiff and not likely to creep. Aperture blades are a bit of a non-concentric pattern, but I\'m sure that will be fine. $254 before shipping and cap costs, so a pretty good price (there are more there).

The lens uses 55mm filters, so that should give an idea how petite it is. But I wasn\'t completely prepared for its size and relative light weight -- very pleasant surprise. I\'ve ordered an aftermarket screw-in hood with cap for short telephoto.

I\'m waiting for may adapter, Fotodiox consumer-grade, so don\'t have a chance to take any photos yet. Perhaps it will come tomorrow.

Total cost for everything, including adapter and hood, is around $325.

If this works out, I\'ll take it on my Alaskan cruise this summer. Along with the Canon EF-S 15-85 it will give me 15-200 on the 60D.

May 19, 2011 at 11:35 PM

  Previous versions of Gunzorro's message #9601036 « Zeiss Lens Photos and Discussion »