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Re: Leica 28 v ZF25 ?

Tariq Gibran wrote:
j.liam wrote:
Isn\'t the ZF25 really 25.7mm? Assuming the Leica is in fact 28.0 mm, that doesn\'t result in a remarkably different FOV.

Leica lists the 28 as 28.5mm with fov of 75, 65, 46 degrees (diagonal, horizontal, vertical).

Where did you get the 25.7 spec for the Zeiss? If so, that\'s very interesting. On their spec sheet for the ZF2, they list it as 25mm with fov of 80, 70, 50 degrees respectively. Perhaps Zeiss is not showing the actual focal length?
Anyway, for some, they will be plenty close to interchange, for others, not close enough. I always mentally interchanged the Zeiss 25mm with the 24mm focal length but if it is indeed closer to 26mm, that\'s relevant since a 24mm lens often will have a diagonal fov of 84 degrees (and a difference from 84 to 75 degrees is fairly noticeable on the wide end).

If you have a subscription to Lloyd Chambers\' guide to Zeiss lenses, it\'s right up there in the first paragraph:


25.7mm. In his review, it\'s one of the reason he cites why someone might forego the 25 for the 28 because of its extreme FC up close and the extra stop.

May 07, 2011 at 01:57 PM

  Previous versions of j.liam's message #9564946 « Leica 28 v ZF25 ? »