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Re: Leica 28 v ZF25 ?

johnahill wrote:
I\'m just trying to rationalise this and figure out if it\'s worth having the money invested in the R28 over the ZF considering it\'s about twice the cost.

If it were only ever about value then I think we\'d all just be using cheap OM lenses. But it\'s never just about value is it?

You mentioned you had a Contax 28/2.8 AE which didn\'t play nicely with your 5d. I had the same issue with this lens and switched to a 28/2.8 MM which doesn\'t seem to have this problem and also seems sharper than the AE. Presently I think the 28/2.8 MM is arguably the best VALUE in this focal length as it\'s so close to the performance of the R 28/2.8 E55 yet a fraction of the price. I haven\'t compared them directly yet, just my impressions.

Thanks for the comparison. I\'ve been looking for a nice 24 and always wondered if the Zeiss 25 was good enough as the Contax 25 that I used many years ago wasn\'t (IMHO)!


May 06, 2011 at 09:46 PM

  Previous versions of JohnJ's message #9563459 « Leica 28 v ZF25 ? »