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Re: 100% Silver Mirror

That contradicts my own observation of the reflex mirror on my 5D2. Just now, I took a small flashlight and pointed it directly at the mirror. Through the small gap at the bottom of the mirror box, you can just barely make out the secondary mirror. When I position the beam in just the right manner, I can see in the secondary mirror reflection an image of the flashlight. When I moved the flashlight toward the edge of the darkened central region of the primary mirror, I could see the reflection of the flashlight become partially obscured in the same shape as the darkened central region. I was very careful to observe that this obscuring was not due to the reflection in the secondary mirror being cut off due to its smaller size. This strongly suggests that the primary mirror is not uniformly transmissive.

Upon further thought, whether this means the mirror is uniformly reflective, however, I did not determine. I suppose it is possible that the mirror is partially transparent in the center and opaque in the periphery, but the reflectance is somehow the same.

Dec 04, 2010 at 03:02 AM

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