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Re: F-stop Tilopa?

sjms wrote:
which version of the satori did you get? the older or newer one. at 3500cu/in the newer one should have space left over even with the XL ICU installed

You are correct, with the new Satori and an XL ICU you still have a pretty solid amount of space to utilize in top of the pack. Typically I will have a rain jacket, 2 sets of filters, 2 Camera Straps, a set of extra batteries, a hyperdrive backup device and a sandwich or snack in the room that is available.

When compared to the Tilopa, yes there is a 2 Inch difference, but that is a pretty significant amount when you look at the differences between the extra space of a Tilopa with a XL ICU and a Satori with a XL ICU. They may look similar, but there are differences for sure.

I personally lean more towards my Tilopa these days as I don\'t need a huge amount of extra room in the top area. I recently took it with me on a trip to Haiti to shoot a photo documentary. I had it on my back for 6-8 hours a day.

Aug 01, 2010 at 04:08 AM

  Previous versions of CBphotography's message #8710854 « F-stop Tilopa? »