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Re: Photo Use Infringment ... ??

You have no idea of its value - -and that is your problem -- you are looking at it as to what you think it is worth but not thinking about what using the image is/was worth to the people who thought enough of it to take it without your permission. Also by not pursuing it, you are telling other current /future infringers that it is worth nothing. Which contradicts your first post:

it is one that very few people ever get to shoot. I travelled very far (on different business), drove & hiked long and waited very long to get that shot with the limited gear I had with me (2008). It literally was a 20 hour effort that day & night ... an experience, I\'ll never forget.

Btw, it\'s not so easy searching a beach in PITCH BLACK (no moon) till 2 AM to find a nesting leatherback turtle. Actually, you find one coming ashore ... then go far enough away (40-50 yards) that she doesn\'t turn around and go back to sea (first one did) ... and wait for over an hour ... checking progress at 20-30 minute intervals without scaring her off.

Of course, you can\'t see her because it\'s so dark and she is too. You have to move VERY SLOWLY to approach or you\'ll startle her and off she\'ll go without finishing the nesting process ... not good for conservation.

It would cost me thousands to replicate that shot due to the travel costs alone.

You aseem to be clearly in the right here. Do you enjoy being victimized by the unscrupulous?

No matter what you think of the aesthetic merits of your photo, it has a great deal of intrinsic value due to the content. They know it, you know it, but you choose to ignore it or make up excuses not to protect yourself.

Listen I really don\'t like fighting or arguing either and generally go out of my way to avoid conflicts but sometimes you have to do it to protect yourself.

Just Please check out:




and shoot a question to Ed or Carolyn.

Jun 05, 2010 at 12:53 AM

  Previous versions of E-Vener's message #8538294 « Photo Use Infringment ... ?? copywrite copyright »