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Re: Houston, The Einstein has landed

Let me clarify: We make no attempt to convince the 2% of the marketplace that mostly rent their lights because they can\'t afford to buy them that our products are an apple for apple comparison. That\'s like a guy that rents a Rolls and chauffeur so he can look important telling the people that drive Toyotas they ought to rent a Rolls to improve their image.

Several local shooters I know have half a dozen Profoto packs. Seems like they are successful enough to afford the tools they want/need. One of them owns a 7\' Giant Reflector and uses it regularly.

Because of how/what I shoot I have one Profoto AcuteB 600R. An Einstein and a Vagabond can/will not replace it, but maybe a B3 will. If you don\'t use something regularly it makes economic sense to rent, rather than tying-up money on an expensive door stop. When I need a D4 I rent it, not to impress people but because it is the right tool for the job. YMMV

Zooming modifiers like the Zoom and Magnum are much more versatile with the ability to adjust their spread and light concentration, but I don\'t think all Profoto users use that functionality. Umbrellas, octas, strips, and soft boxes won\'t show much if any difference. Being able to make small adjustments to the spread during background duty or when shooting through a silk is pretty nice, but it\'s not essential. The strength and intrinsic ability to rotate any modifier is where it really shines IMO. It\'s also pretty easy to adapt third party modifiers with spare Profoto mounts, and you don\'t encounter the issue where the bulb is too far back after hacking the adapter since you can just zoom it back.

I seldom use softboxes, so I don\'t own any. The closest I come to using umbrellas is my 3 Silver PCB PLMs (can\'t wait to get the V2) The PCB PLMs won\'t replace a Big Para, but for many jobs they are close enough for rock \'n roll.

What I do use is a Profoto Hardbox, a Zoom and a 20\" Speedotron (think of it as a larger Magnum). Sometimes I\'ll even use a real Magnum So the Profoto mount is Important to me.

The mount is very nice for doing custom modifiers like my 20\" Speedotron. I\'ll be adapting a PCB Silver HOBD and will use the Elinchron Deflector, because the PCB deflector won\'t work on a Profoto.

When my Einstein arrives I\'ll test it. If it fits in with my style of shooting I\'ll have to buy a back-up, because I can\'t use the two local rental houses as a back-up, as I do with Profoto. BTW the same would hold true if I were using Elinchrom because Flashlights (great people to do business with), in Pasadena, is about 50 miles away.

Apr 11, 2010 at 08:05 PM

  Previous versions of c.d.embrey's message #8348676 « Houston, The Einstein has landed »