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Re: Houston, The Einstein has landed

Paul Buff wrote:
Kacey wrote:
Paul Buff wrote:
I don\'t compete with Profoto and have nothing against them. We serve different markets Just pointing out some engineering observations in response to comments about AB vs Profoto: Read AB sucks, Profoto is God like. I didn\'t say they were doing things incorrectly.

I don\'t understand this.... Isn\'t this why you developed a higher quality strobe?
What market do you see PCB products competing with? Ebay importers?
I can say one thing Paul. You may not be Einstein, but you are a marketing genius IMO

Let me clarify: We make no attempt to convince the 2% of the marketplace that mostly rent their lights because they can\'t afford to buy them that our products are an apple for apple comparison. That\'s like a guy that rents a Rolls and chauffeur so he can look important telling the people that drive Toyotas they ought to rent a Rolls to improve their image. I just bought a new Hyundai Geniuses Track coupe for $30,000 and, according to the auto experts and myself, it runs circles around an XKE or Lexus couple in performance, handling, reliability and customer service. And I can afford to own 10 Ferraris if my goal is to impress the upper social crust.

We try to bring the innovative features and performance that real world photographers want at a price they can afford. In the case of Einstein, show me a uber expensive monolight that can come within a mile of what Einstein/Cyber Commander can do in terms of performance, control, customer service and reliability, whether in the hands of a top pro or a casual newcomer, and I\'ll point you to a nice bridge in Brooklyn you can buy for $10.

As for competing with Ebay lights, uhh duh, I think you have thing a bit reversed.

I know . . . Paul Buff is an arrogant egocentric and general idiot who doesn\'t have a clue, and our current Congress and administration are real geniuses.

I get the point you were making now. Thanks for clarifying
To be fair as far as I know your strobe is only in the hands of one person so far. Hard to compare until this thing is in your customers hands for a while... Looking forward to the outcome

My last comment was meant as a compliment not a insult. I have a good idea about a addition to your forum. How about a politics section? I\'m sure there are some that would like to debate issues and views with you, but are afraid of getting banned for even bringing up. A link from your forum to the main PCB home page would also be nice

Apr 11, 2010 at 06:15 PM

  Previous versions of Kacey's message #8348351 « Houston, The Einstein has landed »