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Re: Contax N Image Thread

Lotusm50 wrote:

Really?? Even Wayne\'s image of the rose? Even his image of the fast food guy has that typical Zeiss \"pop\". I\'ve not seen anything with more \"pop\" out of a c/y 50/1.4 (and yes, I have both 50\'s). Again, I think a good side-by-side will show that the difference you believe you see isn\'t there. If I have the time I will do a comparison (but I am in the middle of moving house).

Wayne\'s image of the rose is undoubtedly absolutely lovely, and I would have loved to have shot it. But if you had asked me what lens was used, I would have answered a Leica. The delicate, almost tender rendition point me in that direction rather than towards the \"punchy\" rendition which I find typical of Zeiss, even if my ZE 50 f:1.4 is the least punchy of the lot. As I see it, the same flower, shot with my ZE 35 would be a different story.
The fast food guy, to me, has more pop, though not more than I could get out of my 135L, my best Canon lens in this respect . But overall, I still stand by my comment. It doesn\'t mean that I am right, only that this is how I see it. And, again, it is based on this limited set of Web-based images.

Dec 31, 2009 at 06:27 AM

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