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Re: FD 85L f/1.2: a real gem

Sorry, Alf, for the missing rear element .
But I did measure its diameter to be 36.15mm (glass + metal ring). I think the metal ring is permanently fused to the glass, and the whole thing screws in its carrier in the back plate of the FD mount. The diameter of that carrier is 37.4mm.

Anywhere, I noted that the quality of my images focused at infinity is a bit softer at the right side. Given that I centered the rear element and the M42 adapter by simple eyeballing, this may be the cause. I measured at 0.2mm out of center for the M42 adapter relative to the main lens.

Therefore I stripped them down, and recentered carefully with caliper this time, and this showed more even image quality at the different sides of frame.
There is haze overall at f1.2, which is largely gone at f2.0 (At very long distance there does have some real haze due to air pollution in Hong Kong.) Notes that the depth of field does not cover the entire image!
At f2.8 the whole image is reasonably sharp. It continues to improve at f4.0.

Oct 17, 2009 at 08:13 AM

  Previous versions of kf_tam's message #7651428 « FD 85L f/1.2: a real gem »