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Re: D3x better than 5DII

Daan B wrote:
Seriously, he is comparing JPEG\'s... He says he rather compares JPEG\'s because: \"If I shot raw, we\'d be comparing the variations in how any given piece of software processed images from different cameras instead of getting a clear view of what each camera actually does when processing an entire image to completion as a JPG.\"

I don\'t get it... JPEG\'s are processed by software as well... only in-camera (in his case)

Presumably, he deems the comparison \"purer\" when the processing is done by the actual cameras that are being compared, instead of throwing an external dependency into the mix. The differences in reverse engineered RAW processing algorithms for any given non-manufacturer supplied converter could theoretically favor one camera over the other.

That\'s just an assumption of course.

Many people shoot JPEG only so from KR\'s perspective, comparing output at that level could make sense.

Disclaimer: I\'m completely neutral towards KR, neither endorsing nor condemning his articles.

Jan 08, 2009 at 11:45 PM

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