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Jim, I am not into prints but I shouldn\'t think you would have any quality issues for prints of up to 24 x 36\" unless you are printing from a cropped image where there is just insufficient resolution.

Yes, I do have the Capture Clip system but I am not using it - yet, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I like a neck strap as it facilitates lens-changing, and I do that a lot, and because the camera is so compact and light, a neck strap does not cause me any strain or discomfort. Secondly, I bought the Capture Clip system as I was planning to get a 2nd body for my trip to Italy ... so I could have 1 body slung around my neck and the 2nd body attached to my waist belt. But I decided that I should wait for the \"pro version\" of the OM-D which hopefully will be released sometime this year.

Meanwhile I am using a really small camera plate (Kirk PZ-130) for my Markins Q3 ballhead.


jmmaher wrote:

Thanks for your insights. This isn\'t proving to be an easy decision. I don\'t have the new Canon 24-70 II but I do understand it is a fantastic lens. The 5DII was a great camera and I have many fantastic photos from it but the 5D3 is much better from a use, ISO and focusing viewpoint.

I have the 12-50, 45, 25 1.4 and the 100-300 for the OM-D. If I make this decision I am going to buy a wide angle (still debating between the 9-18 and the 7-14 but leaning toward the 9-18). I might even get carried away and buy a 75 and I see many fantastic shots on this forum from that lens.

I am concerned about file and senor size and logically I probably shouldn\'t be as I have a 20x30 print from a 6MP Nikon hanging in the house. I also have a 24x36 canvas print from the OM-D using a 45 1.8 but canvas is forgiving.

In reading thru all the posts in the forum (I am about half way) I think I saw that you were considering a Capture Clip system. If you bought it I would be interested in your impression. I would like an arca plate for the camera and this seems like I can get this system with the small plate for not much more than a Kirk or RRS plate alone.


Mar 16, 2013 at 08:58 PM

  Previous versions of bobbytan's message #11420150 « OM-D & PEN Images »