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Re: upgrade from 'flashes+umbrella' to?

prashant wrote: ...I may get a chance to upgrade my current SB26x2, umbrellas/stand to something \'better\'. I do not intend to spend more than 500-700$, any recommendations? or better stay where am now?

I still use an umbrella sometimes, but more often I prefer modifiers with more control over direction/spread of the light. Also, having just two lights can limit your options; having three or more really opens up opportunities for more-stylistic setups with hair lights or rim lights, background lights, etc.

Since you already have two Speedlights that are working for you, I\'d just add one or two more Speedlights, but spend most of your allocated budget on more-specific modifiers: a soft box or two and a beauty dish would be a good start. Even the least-expensive monolights, like the Alien Bees or the Elinchrom D-Lites, could break your budget if you want more than two of them along with good modifiers.

So, what modifiers do I like? I use a Westcott Medium Apollo, which is a 28-inch soft box designed for use with Speedlights (but it can also work with monolights or pack-and-head strobes if you go that route now or in the furture). I also have two RPS Studio BeautiDishes; one is a 20-inch beauty dish designed for Speedlights, and the other is a similar 12-inch model that I use as a hair/accent light. Finally, I have the aforementioned umbrella, a 60-inch Photofelx Convertible. (See photos below.)

Mar 11, 2013 at 01:57 AM

  Previous versions of BrianO's message #11406926 « upgrade from 'flashes+umbrella' to? »