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Jeff W.
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Re: Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel

FlyingPhotog wrote:
Major props to my Arizona brethren who wrangled this project. I\'m simply a (proud) contributing shooter.


All Proceeds going to naval charities.

Let me add my endorsement and voice to Jay\'s. As a humble and proud contributor, I want to encourage all of my MA2A brothers and sisters to seriously consider purchasing one of these books and helping to support the Navy charities at NAF El Centro. If you love aviation photography, you love NAF El Centro. Here is a promotional description;

\"Take a visual tour of Naval Air Facility El Centro, the \"Pearl of the Desert,\" as captured through the lenses of the Arizona Aviation Photographers club. See the sailors and contractors at work, making this busy base run and keeping its visiting aircraft flying. Get up close and personal with virtually every aircraft type currently flown by the US Navy and Marine Corps, including F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets, T-45 Goshawks, EA-6B Prowlers, EA-18G Growlers, C-2 Greyhounds, E-2 Hawkeyes, AH-1 Cobras, UH-1 Hueys, CH-53 Super Stallions, and V-22 Ospreys. Get an inside look at the allied aviation units that also use NAF El Centro for critical pre-deployment training, including the British Joint Helicopter Command and the Royal Canadian Air Force\'s CF-18 Hornet community.\"

If you enjoy the images of Jay Beckman and Rob Turchick here on MA2A, you\'ll truly love the images they\'ve generously donated to this project. Don\'t let the fact that I have a few images in the book curb your enthusiasm. To be clear, absolutely 100% of all proceeds from this book go directly to benefit the sailors of NAF El Centro. Is this an unabashed promotion? YOU BET

For more information on the book, the formats it is available in, and where to buy it, please visit our AzAP publications page at http://www.azaerophoto.com/publications.html. Take a look, I think you\'ll like what you see.

Mar 07, 2013 at 02:01 PM

  Previous versions of Jeff W.'s message #11398221 « Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel »