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Re: OM-D Images

Buy used @ B&S forum:

EM-5 $800
14 $175
25 $425
60 $450
FL-600R 225

Still have some $$ left you can buy some beers.

stratlanta wrote:
Hi all! New to the forums but have literally read every post in this thread. Hoping I can get your opinion on the best \"baseline\" lenses for a new OMD purchase. As a little background: I want to use it for a trip I have coming up in about a month, so lots of landscape, scenic and walk around, then after that it would be used for tons of kid photography around the house, in parks, soccer games, parties, etc.

I\'ve had most of the \"big name\" SLR\'s but am really looking for something smaller, more portable and really easy to use. Lately I just don\'t want to haul around my big SLR and zooms. I shoot RAW occasionally, but also use a lot of JPEG when convenience and speed are my main concerns (wife doesn\'t always want to wait for me to process a bunch of RAW images before she can send them out!).

I love what I see from the images posted here (tons of talented photographers!) but I\'m really struggling with which lenses to dive into first. I\'d like to keep it under or around $2k for the package (plus or minus a bit if necessary), with color and sharp images being my main fixations...

Anyway, I hope you don\'t mind me posting this here but I\'d like to get ideas from those who have been using the system. Hope I have provided enough info.


Mar 04, 2013 at 08:05 PM

  Previous versions of kewlcanon's message #11390821 « OM-D & PEN Images »