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Leopards of remote regions

I would love to hop on a plane and go to Russia\'s Amur forest or the mountains of Pakistan or Bhutan but even I think that\'s a bit much. But to see 2 of the most reclusive cats in the world that is what you have to do....or you could drive 15 minutes to a local zoo. I typically do not like zoo pix (as I\'ve said) but I tried to come up with some shots that do not \"scream\" zoo other than the unique animals photographed. I also did not shoot a single one of these through glass...so how do you get images like this without being eaten? Most of the enclosures have chicken wire/mesh fences with fairly wide spaces. The trick...and I know I\'m not giving away info that almost everyone here doesn\'t already know, is to shoot wide open to really limit the dof and make sure the animal is far enough back from the fence so that the mesh is rendered invisible. Of course, that means that not all the animal will be in focus so concentrating on the eye is really important. Here are a few examples...I know not everyone will be able to shoot some of the stuff I have in Africa and the like, but that doesn\'t mean you can\'t find a way to get some neat images of some very cool animals.

1 Amur leopard close up

2 Amur leopard even more close up

3 Snow leopard in your face

4 Snow leopard

5 Snow leopard...very close to the fence with very shallow dof

6 Jaguar on a bolder and fallen branch

Mar 04, 2013 at 12:45 AM

  Previous versions of eyelaser's message #11389131 « Leopards of remote regions »