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pbraymond wrote:
CGrindahl wrote:
JRT64 wrote:
CGrindahl wrote:

Welcome Jim. I\'d encourage you to add your first name to your profile so those of us with memory problems won\'t have to work quite so hard. I have at assume that a young man like Leighton forgot your name because he\'s be sipping too many beers as he convalesces...

Many of us list our gear as well so we can track one another\'s kit building and offer recommendations for spending other people\'s money...

O.K. I finally figured out how to do this. As you may note, I\'ve been a member here for longer than many of you, just too cheap to pay for uploading photos. And I have been a lurker to this thread since it began. I am an active participant over at Nikon Cafe (Pa).

My profile now shows that I have four MF Nikkors: 24/2.8 AIS, 55/3.5 AI micro, 105/2.5 AIS, and since last week a 135/3.5 AI. You folks are to blame for most of the expenditure.

I\'m really enjoying the 135 as I seem to have lucked into an exceptional copy.

Glad you decided to join the conversation Jim. Since you\'re playing with these lenses it makes sense that you\'d participate in this get together. As folks have suggested, the only downside is that it is difficult to resist new lens purchases when so many on this thread are so often tempting us with what they\'re doing with lenses we don\'t already own. I didn\'t get to 32 lenses by accident... I may be among the enablers at this point in the life of the thread, but I started with only eight lenses. The combination of subtle encouragement and the continued evidence of the capability of these lenses made resistance futile. But if you\'ve been following us for a long while, you know what you\'re getting into. Have fun with your lenses, share your work and your observations. This really is a great place to celebrate these lenses.

Curtis is ever so eloquent, but watch out, the word Diablo\" comes to mind, and I\'m waiting for someone else on this thread to dredge up that photo

Laura, I think this is your que.

Feb 27, 2013 at 03:22 AM

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