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Russ Isabella
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A Few Gymnastics

Utah completed its fourth of five home meets of this season last night, narrowly defeating Stanford in a Pac-12 showdown of two top-10 teams. The meet was nationally televised (Pac-12 Network) live, and there must have been lights added to the arena because the lighting was HARSH and white balance is virtually impossible to manage. Posting a few of my favorites. The highlight of the night was in the final rotation, with Utah on floor, trying to hang on to a very slim lead as Stanford was absolutely killing it on beam. Second in the rotation was a sophomore who had only begun competing on floor a few weeks ago following the season-ending injury of one of her teammates. Her routine looked perfect, and the judges agreed. Her score of 10 brought the house down and served to seal the win for Utah. The final two photos show some of the reaction.

1. This freshman just has that \'stunning\' quality about her. Lots of fun to photograph.


3. A coach\'s work......it\'s never done.

4. Been trying all season for a useable shot of this move. Maybe...

5. Nansy

6 and 7: Shock and awe

Feb 24, 2013 at 06:11 PM

  Previous versions of Russ Isabella's message #11371576 « A Few Gymnastics »