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Re: anyone been to newfoundland?

I\'d love to see the images you get if you go Dorian. It is a beautiful place. With only 10 days, you would really have to pick your spots. If that includes travel days, then doing both coasts means you\'ll have to be quite selective. For the west coast, fly into Deer Lake, rent, and drive to your destinations. The whole west coast is darned nice, with Gros Morne being a highlight. You can hike from end of Western Brook Pond (dropped off by boat) to Gros Morne Mtn., but I understand you need a permit and possibly take a test to prove you can take care of yourself. I\'ve heard there are not real trails. Caribou hang out up there on the plateau.

Saving a day of travel by flying from Deer Lake to St. John\'s would be sensible. Lots to see and do on the Avalon Peninsula. Witless bay was neat, but you\'ll be shooting from a boat. I found that challenging. Another spot for Puffins is Elliston. Not as many, but they are on land and so are you. Also in the area are Trinity (pretty little town), and the Skerwink Trail, which is a nice day hike. You can hike up the east coast of the Avalon on the East Coast Trail. For Cape St. Mary\'s, you would like to have a full day. Unless you\'re heading out that way for other things, the drive is about 2.5 hours each way. The Irish Loop is a pretty drive, but not much of a wilderness experience.

If you like to meet locals, check out historic sites, do some hiking, etc, I\'d suggest you extend you holiday to do both coasts or pick one side of the island or the other, and do a more in depth visit.

Feb 24, 2013 at 03:17 PM

  Previous versions of KCollett's message #11371228 « anyone been to newfoundland? »