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Adorama Customer Service - Buyer Beware!

Adorama recently announced new low-cost shipping to Canada, so I decided to give them a try and I placed an order for some Canon gear just before the rebates ended at the beginning of February. I hadn\'t purchased anything from Adorama for about 10 years, after they tried to rip me off for several thousand dollars on a refurbished EOS 1D purchase (where they didn\'t actually have the item in stock), but my recent experience is unfortunately turning out the same way...

I placed my order on the morning of February 1, and when I checked my order status on February 4 it showed my order as being \"On Hold\". Remembering my last bad experience, I emailed them asking to cancel the order if they did not intend to ship it. The following day my order status on their web site changed to \"Invoiced\" even though they had acknowledged receiving my cancellation request the previous day. Since then, the order status shows \"Packed\" but they have not shipped it yet, and my repeated requests for them to take some action - either ship it or refund my money - keep meeting with the same response, that they will have someone \"look into it\", but with no action being taken.

This situation is looking more and more like my previous nightmare experience, where I had to wait 30 days before my credit card company would take action to get my money back. How does a company like this stay in business?

Feb 18, 2013 at 04:58 PM

  Previous versions of molson's message #11357190 « Adorama Customer Service »