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Rodney O
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Re: Suggestion for a portable memory card storage

Here\'s some more specific details regarding viable psd\'s for the OP to consider. As mentioned by EB1 above Nexto & HyperDrive are viable options.
$-wise it would seem that the OP\'s choice depends on the expected shooting volume.

The Transcend CF cards mentioned above were 32 gig 400x @$42. 600x UDMA = $96
Thus 500gig = $670 non-UDMA and $1530 for UDMA. Pretty steep. And the OP would not have any backup copy. Once \"clicked\" the card space is locked up for the rest of the trip.

Once one gets up in the click volume, one psd or two psd\'s are still viable options. And the cost is still equivalent. And you can put a SSD in them also. The ssd would add a bit of data safety. But ssd\'s are still fairly expensive.

NEXTO DI ND2730G Nexto Photo Storage Portable Backup Drive (500GB HDD) == BH $400
I didn\'t find the bare case-only Nexto\'s for sale anywhere. That is what I\'ve used and still use with WD HDs. I do wish they made one that you could easily swap HDs into & out of.

Sanho 500GB HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA2 Multimedia Player / Storage Device == BH $400

Assemble your own = (saves $90)
Sanho HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA2 Backup Storage Device (SATA Casing Only) == BH $240
Western Digital Scorpio Black 500GB 2.5\" SATA 3.0Gb/s == NewEgg $70

So depending on the value one places on the photo part of one\'s trip and your click volume, a one or two psd\'s are a reasonable investment.
HyperDrive link

Plus even cheaper is the option of a couple of 2.5\" drives in external cases along with the laptop or netbook, etc and a card reader is even more cost effective. WD black 500gig sata =$70; 2.5\" USB 2 case <$15; small psu for the HD <$10; decent little card reader <$25;. overall <$125 for the first 500 gigs & then ~85 for the second. So that makes 1 Tb storage or 500G w a duplicate copy for < $250.

HyperDrive link
Nexto Link (product info is in pdf form)

Feb 18, 2013 at 12:49 AM

  Previous versions of Rodney O's message #11355804 « Suggestion for a portable memory card storage »