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Foto Dude
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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

MDoc9523 wrote:
Foto Dude wrote:
is there a better way to organize this threat? this threat has over 2.5k of posts.

This thread is almost a living, breathing entity and it evolves day by day as the participants learn and explore the world of Nikon Manual Focus lenses. It can\'t be done any other way here, although I wish it had its own search engine. Jump on the wagon, grab one of these lenses with a Nikon camera and help us Foto Dude!

I have a nikkor 50mm 1.2 on an nex-5n, and would like to do two things.

1 - see what others have done with their manual lens
2 - contribute myself

but wow
1 - reading through 2.5k+ of posts is just not possible.
2 - adding another post with my image to make this thread even longer seem to make the problem worse.

I was thinking if you guys could
1 - allow super long threads to have sub-category
2 - since this thread has many mini discussion, maybe there\'s a way to define a start and end of a discussion. that way if a discussion is not interesting, your reader can jump right to the next discussion.
3 - give your reader the ability to search within a specific thread
4 - or something to make it easier to organize and read long thread such as this one.

just my $.02

Feb 14, 2013 at 09:53 AM

  Previous versions of Foto Dude's message #11347972 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »