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Re: DP Review's 6D Review Is Up

Geoff D F wrote:

You keep talking about this average Joe who is ok with built-in flash. No doubt he exits. I\'m just not sure there are many average Joes spending near $2K on any camera, even if his mate at work told him to go full frame. As far as I know, the average Joe is spending much less, maybe $500 on the high side, or $600 if his kids are in sports.

I spent $3.5k on camera gear last year. I consider myself part of the target market for a 6D, currently owning a 60D and 5Dc. I own two speedlites. I know how to use them. For me lack of onboard flash is a major negative for the 6D. There are plenty of times I want some subtle fill in daylight and don\'t want to have to carry a speedlight. When I travel I typically don\'t want to carry an external flash. and it could have been used a a controller as per the 7D.

The D600 on paper looks much more attractive to me. As I said previously all DSLRs these days can take good pictures. All the extra features of the D600 aren\'t about the 95 per cent pics that could be taken by a rebel or any camera, they are about the 5 per cent of pics that stuff up because AF hasn\'t locked properly, because something has crept into the frame that is not coverred by the 97 per cent viewfinder, the shot that is missed because of the framerate is not fast enough and the backlight shot that needs some fill but you miss as you are trying to fit your flash that you have had to carry because Canon didn\'t provide a pop-up one.

If those features and those 5% of photos are important to you, then the D600 is the right camera for you.

Using similar reasoning, I bought 2 Nikon bodies, 3 Nikon zooms, 2 Nikon primes and 2 Nikon flashes back in 2011. I figured they would improve some percentage of my photos. I used them for a few months. However, while some features were a bit better, others were a bit worse. So I gained and I lost. On balance, there was no improvement. I ended up selling each of those items. I found that sometimes what looks attractive \"on paper\" is balanced out by other considerations when you get to real practical usage. I also concluded that Nikon and Canon are so closely matched there there is no clear winner between the two. Which is better ultimately depends on one\'s personal preferences and specific photographic applications.

Feb 14, 2013 at 01:58 AM

  Previous versions of zlatko's message #11347304 « DP Review's 6D Review Is Up »