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Re: M240 Full Res Samples

I am surprised, but this is not a deal breaker for me either IQ, decent LCD, fast processor, zero buffer delay, high ISO performance and improved useability as a RF are high on my priorities.

Even with my previous DSLR\'s and presently RX1, I have not used the moveable LV focus. I find it time consuming and frustrating for normal shoots. There no doubt is a huge need for still shooting and for many this may well be a deal breaker!

I do hope the RF mechanism is further improved, in the stability of maintaining accurate calibration of both the focusing patch and frame lines. As nice as it is to have the LV, 95% of my shoots will still rely accurate RF focusing, and frame lines for composing. Love the fact of having a decent LCD for reviewing shots!

Leica do have to be mindful, that cams such as the RX1, now FF with an amazing image sensor are fast approaching, and overtaking Leica\'s traditional market base. The style of shooting and composition, I far prefer the RF style, but if a RX2 can out with interchangeable lenses with the provision for M lenses, this may change a lot of people decisions. I do hope the IQ and DR of the new M 240 image sensor, is at least on par and better than that of the RX1.

Feb 13, 2013 at 01:08 AM

  Previous versions of charles.K's message #11344722 « M240 Full Res Samples »