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Re: NEX Images Thread

Derek, I hold high interesting seeing those 35lux shots. I like what I see, a very classic rendering lens. I know It is a very small lens. I tried it at recent California camera show, it seems sharp enough for M9 at center. They charge $1900 for it

Ron, your comment make me have wild guess about lens WO performance for 50lux M. I don\'t feel it has WO performance indicated by its outstanding MTF at 1.4 AT PORTRAIT RANGE. It was about the same as 50 Sonnar and is about the same sharp as my 50lux R V1, maybe even worse at 1-2M range.(but here platform is different D700, M9) And recently I found my 50lux R V1 MTF, which is in no way comparable to 50lux M. But actually it is one of the best lens WO I have on hand along with 35Lux R. So, I feel those R lens portrait range performance is actually very high compare to even modern M.

Given many lens gain their reputation by MTF chart. Noticable Leica and Zeiss. (Most cases you need pounds of load tripod with all care to attention to bring out extra performance compare to good lens after f4) I feel many lens actually are underrated because of poor MTF at infinity but very good at close range.

Feb 12, 2013 at 08:31 PM

  Previous versions of zhangyue's message #11344148 « Sony (APS-C) Images Thread »