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Just got back from a great trip to Kauai
I typically go out early every morning with my large DSLR and the whole pack to shoot sunrise on the beach - it\'s rough work but somebody has to do it
During the day I bring along my little Sony RX100 and putter around, shoot some videos, etc while my wife and son read on the beach
On this day we hiked down to our favorite hidden little beach and the tide was way, way out
I was able to go exploring places that you would normally have to snorkel to see
I was checking out cool, colorful little fish swimming in deep pools and interesting coral and practically stepped on this little guy
I didn\'t know he was there until he actually made a squeak and I saw his eyes glowing
Didn\'t realize Octopus\' came in such small sizes!
Got the best shot I could with the RX100 and did all I could in processing to make him stand out, since the RX100 doesn\'t take filters, I added a polarizer in processing to \"see\" through the water a little better
Let me know what you think


Feb 12, 2013 at 05:25 PM

  Previous versions of uintaangler's message #11343685 « Octopus »