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Re: NEX Images Thread

Finally, a few B&W from Columbus near Broadway in SFO. The first is City Lights Bookstore, which I\'m sure anyone familiar with the Beat writers or with an interest in poetry knows well. For those who don\'t, City Lights fostered many of the Beat writers not only in promotion but also as publishers. Ginsberg\'s infamous \"Howl\" was originally published under City Lights\' own imprint as the fourth in their series of pocket poetry books. The first run was seized by US Customs for violations of obscenity laws. City Lights had subsequent runs printed in the US to get around Customs. Though much of the neighborhood has changed around them, neither the store nor the publishing efforts have lapsed into nostalgia. While they continue to be a vital resource to the Beat scholars, they continue to stock their shelves with challenging, thought-provoking material that isn\'t likely to hit the NYT bestseller list or pop up on an Amazon recommendation. It really is a must-see if you\'re going to the city.

The last two are of a copper-faced building down the street. I haven\'t learned anything about the building yet, but here\'s an interesting bit of trivia. The cafe (Zoetrope) on the bottom floor is owned by Francis Ford Coppola. He uses it to push his wine which, as I understand it, runs from decent to awful with a lot of mediocre in the middle, according to my wine-loving buddy. Personally, I\'ve never tasted a wine that didn\'t make me reach for my water glass, so I\'m in no position to judge. The Roman-style pizza, though, is excellent.

All with the Elmarit-M 24.

Feb 12, 2013 at 05:25 AM

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