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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

sataraid1 wrote:
CGrindahl wrote:
Which means you\'ve got a great AF lens mounted on a Canon camera. Enjoy yourself, but remember we\'re celebrating MANUAL FOCUS Nikon lenses mounted on Nikon cameras. And that is what Mark is enjoying while taking the photos he shared with us. I note you haven\'t been very active on FM and wanted to make certain you understand what this thread is all about.

I assure you my 180 2.8 is quite manually focused.

I wouldn\'t have thought the particulars of the camera body would have mattered in a thread dedicated to the merits of particular lenses. Film, digital, FM2 or 40D, it\'s all about the glass, right? But okay, I see the door.

And it was because I assumed you thought that way that I made my comment. Our focus is that narrow simply because this is the only place on FM where the can be a discussion of using these lenses on a Nikon camera. They don\'t qualify as \"Alternative Gear\" where you\'ll find folks shooting with Canon cameras singing the praises of these lenses. I\'m happy Canon users appreciate the lenses and I\'ve read a few posts on the Alternative Gear forum on the subject, but I wanted to give folks with Nikon cameras the opportunity to celebrate lenses manufactured for precisely those cameras. Nothing personal in this. Had you read the first page of the thread you would see our intention spelled out clearly...

This thread is devoted to those photographers shooting with Nikon digital and film cameras who mount manual focus Nikon lenses, specifically those lenses with either Nikkor or Series E Nikon labels.

If you happen to use Nikon MF lenses on a Nikon film camera, you\'re more than welcome to join us. And if you decide to step up from that excellent 40D to one of the many excellent Nikon digital cameras you can surely do the same. But that doesn\'t seem to be where your interest lies so perhaps other places on FM will suit your tastes better. Good luck.

Feb 11, 2013 at 08:31 PM

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