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Nutty About Nuthatches

I love the poses these birds give, especially the white-breasted. Being bigger and less prone to incessant perch hopping (compared to the red-breasted), it is also easier to get picks of. Here are some images I\'ve managed over the past while. All handheld with 7D. Lens varied, and a 21mm tube was used on some. All of these birds were hanging out near feeding stations put in place and stocked by other bird lovers.

1. Love the pose on this one, but not so fond of the BG. This one was taken next to a cross country ski trail in a natural area.

2. Another image from the same spot, but a different bird. There were at least three hanging out in the area.

3. This one was taken at the same location as the first two, but a week earlier. The light was a bit dull.

4. We interrupt this series to introduce a different species. I did get a couple of decent red-breasted shots this winter, this being one. This image was taken in a city park.

5. We now return to our regular white-breasted series. This image, and the next were taken at the same park as the red-breasted shot. This bird hung on the branch for a few seconds, allowing about for about 5 frames.

6. Another image from the sequence. I like this pose better, but concentrating on the focus point (combined with being a bit unsteady in my aim) caused me to miss a bit of the tail.

7. Bonus Conrad Tan Shot - Not being one to let offers of free photo processing go by the wayside, I send a file to Conrad. The result was not at all what I expected. He took a vertical and made it horizontal, and added a little canvas in order to add the missing tail bit. I had thought of doing the same, but didn\'t follow through (I would have used the tail from #5). Conrad did a super job of creating the tail, and the horizontal approach looks good.

Thank you for taking a look. Any C&C would be appreciated (even a C&C sailboat).



Feb 09, 2013 at 01:54 AM

  Previous versions of KCollett's message #11335153 « Nutty About Nuthatches »