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Re: Printing Help?

3ntreri wrote:
So my Windex soaked cloth is totally saturated but the printer still has the same problem

After doing some digging in the drivers I found the normal zigzag pattern that everyone posts (Do a manual nozzle check rather than the automatic one). Here\'s the result:

There\'s basically nothing where the black should be. It\'s the same thing with both Matte and Photo black.

I am not familiar with the 3800, but the blacks should share a channel with another color. Do a pair cleaning with B and whatever it shares. The do another manual nozzle check. Then even if that is clean, repeat the process an analyse the results, Do this before you doing any power cleaning.

There are some minor problems with the other nozzles too.

Brian A

Feb 09, 2013 at 01:16 AM

  Previous versions of hugowolf's message #11335051 « Printing Help? »