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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

leighton w wrote:
pburke wrote:

I\'m waiting for my Chinese Yongnuo remote flash triggers to play with the camera indoors.

got an MF lens question:

20mm f3.5 vs. 20mm f2.8: I read on the Bjørn Rørslett site that he feels my f3.5 version is not very good at infinity. Anyone else can confirm that? I need a good ultra-wide, yet packable lens for landscapes. If there\'s a distinct difference, I would sell the f3.5 and find me a 2.8.


Peter, I\'d be very interested in what you think about the Yongnuo flash triggers. Give us a little run down once you\'ve had the chance to use them a bit, thanks!

Sorry, I can\'t help you with the 20mm question.

I have 2 sets of the 603\'s. I use them along with 2 YN-560 II flashes at my wedding receptions. They sync up to 1/250th, but I will get the occasional black bar. I typically am shouting around 1/125th, so it it never an issue. The batteries last quite awhile and I haven\'t had any issue with range in the venues. Calumet sells a dome diffuser for the Canon 580 EXII that fits perfectly for $14.


Feb 09, 2013 at 12:42 AM

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