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Sigh, back to Canon...

Some lessons are expensive. This one cost me about $900 or more...


In the end, what did it was my dissatisfaction with the overall focus performance, fringing behaviors and bokeh (as perfect as it may be) of the lenses, especially the slow focus of the 35mm, the misfocusing of distant subjects and backlit subjects with 35 and 85...and the inferior live view implementation.

I am now waiting for all the people who said that I wouldn't be happy with Nikon either to chime in and say "I told ya so." I like the D800 a lot overall...just not the lenses.

But then, I could have done something REALLY stupid and sold off my canon kit to buy a completely new nikon setup...and then I'd be up the creek with an unsatisfactory paddle and broke to boot.

Feb 08, 2013 at 02:32 AM

  Previous versions of form's message #11332758 « Sigh, back to Canon... »