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Printing Help?

As my first foray into printing my own photos, I picked up a used Epson Pro 3800 from a local wedding photographer and spent a week reading everything I could find on the subject while I waited for some new ink to arrive.

I\'ve come across an issue I can\'t figure out though and was hoping someone here had some suggestions.

Basically the shadows are being crushed badly and it almost seems like the black ink isn\'t dark enough. The resulting effect looks similar to what happens when you look at a cheap LCD screen at a bad angle.

Here\'s the original photo I tried to print:

My first printing attempt was an 8.5x11\" on Red River Paper UltraPro Satin 2.0. The print driver was set to \"No Color Management\" while Lightroom was using the ICC profile for the paper from Red River\'s site. For this one, the intent was set to Relative.

After that failed attempt, I tried printing on a 5x7\" of the same paper with the intent set to Perceptual and the background set to black (the 5x7 crop didn\'t match the original crop).

This was much worse, but the more worrying part is the green bars above and below which were supposed to print as black.

So what do you guys think? Clogged nozzles? Bad ink? Bad settings somewhere? I\'m totally at a loss here.

I want to get this sorted out before I try it on the more expensive metallic paper!


Feb 07, 2013 at 01:15 AM

  Previous versions of 3ntreri's message #11330063 « Printing Help? »