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Re: Stuck, Frustrated, Disheartened.. Please Help..

monie2078 wrote:

Okay, if budget is tight I\'d reasonably get the AB400s and a 64\" PLM soft-silver plus front diffusor.

1. Will the cybersync recievers be able to work with all of my flashes? (Besides the 2 B400s that I\'ll be buying, I also have 2 Nikon SB28s, and one Canon 430 EX II. I mostly use the SB28s for all my OCL, and keep the 430 EX for on camera use.) So, I\'m wondering if the Cybersyncs would be able to trigger all of these..?

No practical way to trigger the battery flashes with the Cybersync.

2. Based on the flashes I just listed above, how many triggers would you recommend I get? I was thinking 2 or 3.. what are your thoughts on this? I\'m worried about buying too much and not using them. I want to be able to utilize what I get.. I guess the way to approach would be to consider the setups I have in mind.. High key aside, say I put up a background, and want to take some portraits of my kids.. from everything I\'ve been reading, I\'ll need at least three lights... Can I ask/beg you to please share some knowledge here? Give some input?

A pair of CS transmitter and CSR receiver is all you need to trigger the ABs. I\'d save on the remote capability, it\'s not necessary for what you will shoot.
Two lights will do for a usual set up, consisting of a PLM (as described earlier) for the main light and a second AB400 for the background. Start humble, gather experience... :-)

3. Also, would you guys recommend the AC or battery powered transmitter/receivers? Since I\'m not buying a Vagabond mini right now (I figure I can just plug them in, since I\'ll be using them indoors mostly), I\'ve been thinking that the battery operated versions would be the ones? But I haven\'t used any of these before, so I don\'t know if I\'m overlooking something or the other..

You will use the flashes only in the studio, don\'t you? In this case I\'d get the AC version of the receiver. Saves a lot of batteries and the frustration that it\'s always empty the next time you start to shoot.

4. Finally, modifiers.. What would you recommend? And how many? I know the bigger the modifier, the softer the light.. and with portraits, we want to use soft light..
The PLM with front diffusor achieves a very soft light, a bit more punchy without diffusor.

Feb 06, 2013 at 05:09 PM

  Previous versions of PeterBerressem's message #11328978 « Stuck, Frustrated, Disheartened.. Please Help.. »