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Re: Building a PC

I've built PCs for many years and here's what I've learned. Forget your old PC case. Buy the best case you can afford because over the years that is the one item that you won't change. Buy a motherboard that can easily over clock your processor. I'm not talking about wild over clocking, I've been running an Intel i7 2.6 @ 3.6 for 3 years and it's very stable using a slightly larger CPU fan. Use at least 6GB of memory. You can add more later if you like. For image processing you won't need a really an expensive graphics card as long as it's OpenCL compliant. Use an 256MB SSD for your operating system and graphics programs and a 1T or 2T hard drive for image storage. This type of setup will cost you a little more at first but later when you want to upgrade (and you will want to) you wouldn't have to buy everything again.

Feb 04, 2013 at 01:00 PM

  Previous versions of Snead's message #11323295 « Building a PC »