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Re: M240 Full Res Samples

Lee Saxon wrote:
carstenw wrote:
I don\'t think the best MFDBs rank well behind the D800, it is all within a stop or so, and several stops above many other current popular cameras.

Fair enough, but I contend that given their massive photosites and the massive price difference merely matching the D800 represents failure.

The D800 is clearly a disruptive camera for the MF segment, not something which was expected and I am sure it has caused some (I don\'t know if this is significant though) lost sales, but overall I don\'t think that the true value of the MFDB segment lies in having the best dynamic range and resolution anyway, at least in the low- to mid-range of the MFDB spectrum.

One point of the MFDB is that the sensor is larger, and the lenses render quite differently. You also see this in film, in case you read those threads. It is just a gentler, more relaxed look and feel, compared to which the 135 format DSLR look is tense and strained, with a few exception. Granted, the 33x44mm and 36x48mm sensors which are most common don\'t make the most of the lenses, and even the 645 format sensors are still at the low end of medium format; I prefer 6x6 and 6x7 myself. Still, there is a difference there which can be worth it for some types of shooting.

Secondly the leaf shutter lenses allow a much more flexibly workflow for flash photography, especially in-studio, where the size and weight of the equipment doesn\'t matter so much. It is an open question if LED lighting will kill the flash studio lights for most uses (not stop-motion type use), but we are not there yet, and won\'t be until they can make 1000W LED panel lights in systems with a full set of modifiers. With the kinds of budgets available to large fashion productions and similarly complex tasks, the price of the camera and lighting equipment is just not a factor.

Overall, I think that just as is the case with mirrorless cameras vs. DSLRs, DSLRs cannot truly replace the MFDB, only reduce its market size.

Jan 31, 2013 at 10:53 AM

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