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What story do you see here?

What do you think the story is here?

What inspired me to take it was the tranquility of the early morning light and fog. In person there was silence until the boat approach and broke it. So the fact it\'s didn\'t evoke any strong emotion actually means it did the target I was aiming for here.

Why did you find it interesting? \"I didn\'t find it interesting\" is a valid answer but explain why.

For me it was the contrast of the peace of the lake (Lake Tanneycomo in Branson, MO) being broken by the boat. That of course doesn\'t translate the same way visually, except perhaps an eye movement dynamic of seeing the dock context first then the boat contrasting it. Stasis > Action.

What senses other than visual did it trigger? sound, touch, taste

Also it\'s something someone who had experienced similarly in person would relate to better than others and something that a fisherman would relate to more than others. The resort in owned by my wife\'s sponsor family who consider us part of theirs for use on their web site. So the target audience, fishermen, would hopefully relate to in in a positive way as a nice place to stay and dock their boat.

What personal memories caused you to react that way?
Doesn\'t apply for me since I took it but brings back nice subjective personal memories of staying there when I see it :-).

Do you think everyone will react the same way?

No but it was taken with a targeted audience in mind.

What did you notice first?
The guy on the dock (the same guy as in the Heron shot) as I was deciding how to frame it with the overhanging branch and trunk the boat showed up as a bonus focal point.

I used flash (Vivitar 285HV) for fill in the foreground to handle the contrast of the lighting. Taken with a 5MP Minolta D7Hi

Jan 30, 2013 at 06:24 PM

  Previous versions of cgardner's message #11311306 « What story do you see here? »