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Re: Hi iso NR technique for night sky’s.

I was able to download the file, Ben. I probably won\'t be able to post any detailed comparisons until tonight but here are some preliminary thoughts:

- As I suspected, the raw file is very dark and possibly significantly underexposed depending on what you are after. I could only find one star that was clipped at the default exposure and that was only in one channel. Unless it is absolutely critical for you to not clip the stars, I think you would be doing yourself a favor to boost exposure. I find that it is sometimes even worth it to boost ISO, if necessary, in order to move that histogram to the right - as long as you are still at a native ISO for the camera.

- I use LR noise reduction quite a bit but for special cases like this where you need a lot of control differentiating between noise and detail, I think it is going to be a bit ham-fisted. I think this is the type of work that needs more specialized tools unless you are going to do multiple developments in LR and blend them in PS. Still checking though.

- I need to go back through your NR process to see if you mentioned it but when I need to use the specialized NR tools, I normally turn off the sharpening and noise sliders completely in LR. I think that helps them understand the noise characteristics better.

I\'ll post later in the day with some examples.

Jan 30, 2013 at 01:32 PM

  Previous versions of Eyeball's message #11310756 « Hi iso NR technique for night sky’s. »