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New Nikkor 800 f/5.6 a Canon killer ?


No doubt, new Nikkor 800 f/5.6 looks like a very nice lens, and it will probably be a very good performer, although one would never be able to say that based on the 3 sample images posted on Nikon\'s web site, which have a distinctive cell phone quality.

In a way, looking at the published Nikkor 800 specs, I think Nikon missed the boat with MFD and the lens weight......they are both very similar to fairly old (by now) Canon 800L. Clearly, if they could have done better (economically), they would have done it. Having a dedicated (individually preselected/matched ?) 1.25xTC, may seem like a good move in ensuring that little IQ deterioration takes place at 1000mm, but that may also mean that they have insufficient production consistency of their regular TCs.

However, real operating experience will tell us soon how those two existing lenses compare, as Nikkor 800 is scheduled to become available in April this year.
Probably the most exciting part about all this to us is the direction in which Canon may be taking their 800mm model. While fully ignorant of any facts about any such possible developments, I kind of \"see\" it already, a 4 kg light 800L MkII, with all performance aspects enhanced along the existing supertelephoto MkII design pattern, with a possible exception of an even more effective IS.
Wishful thinking that might be, but when it comes to long lenses, Canon has been maintaining decidedly an upper hand over Nikon for a very long time......why would that change now in the case of the 800 lens ?

It looks to me that it may not be long before we see a mini switcharoo from 600 II to 800 II taking place, when EF 800mm f/5.6L IS II USM becomes the latest and greatest game in town (again). I stressed \"mini\" in \"switcharoo\", because if 800L gets to be priced at $18,000, not many will be switching to it.

Lastly, please do not start selling your 600IIs and 800Ls yet .......the above is just my reflection/speculation in response to some recent Canon and Nikon long lens developments.

Petkal aka Supertelemaster

Jan 30, 2013 at 01:10 AM

  Previous versions of PetKal's message #11309786 « New Nikkor 800 f/5.6 a Canon killer ? »