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Re: Image PPI to Printer DPI

Kent (Rustybug) posted a link to \"Fine Art Printing for Photographers:\"

\"Here is a quote from a review of the book:
Many photographers seem to have optimism that they can improve their pictures by more work and study. How else can one explain the many photography books on the market? Apparently some believe that they can improve the printing of the pictures that they\'ve already processed in photo-editing software. Here\'s a secret. In most cases, if a photographer follows the instructions that come with his or her printer, the printer will produce as good a picture as possible.\"

Modern inkjets are far more advanced than earlier models and your Canon is a very nice printer. A lot of what I read on the internet is years old and actually outdated. I like to know how things, work, but I am also a results oriented pragmatist. If I invest hours of reading and study, will all of this effort help provide better printing results? What options do I have for the time invested? How about actually practicing photography? How about taking walks with my wife or spending time with my grandchildren?

I had grand plans when I got my 9500 to do all sorts of testing and tweaking. I investigated some different papers and decided on a few that I thought met my needs. My results have been so good that I don\'t feel any need spending hours tinkering or reading technical tomes.

Jan 28, 2013 at 08:58 PM

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